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The Best Paint Colors for a Home Office

Jan 30, 2023

Why to repaint your home office

With remote work becoming more common, a frequent topic has been how to set up your office for maximum efficiency. Changing the paint color of your home office may create some serious benefits to your new home work life.


A traditional, white office space is definitely functional, but it’s missing character and style. Creating a fun, nice-looking office will help you be more ready for the workday and excited to spend a lot of hours in the same space.

Change of scenery

If you have been working from home for a while now, it’s likely time to switch it up. Changing the look of your office can be really mood-boosting and give you the energy you need to get the job done.

Separation of home and office

It’s a good idea to have your office decorated and painted in a different style than the rest of your home. Many new remote workers have expressed issues with keeping their home and work lives separate, and this technique can help switch your brain into work mode when you enter your office. Then, when you work is done, you can exit your office, leaving your work with you.

Video calls

With the boom in popularity of video meetings and Zoom calls, your office background has become much more important. Instead of opting for the greenscreen effect, create a nice, professional backdrop using an interesting paint color and accessories.

Best home office paint colors

Some of the best home office colors are going to be vibrant or unique compared to the rest of your home. Since it is a separate room that you will be spending a lot of time in, it’s important to pick a color that you love.

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Off-whites, tans, and beiges

As with the rest of your home, you can’t go wrong with traditional off-whites, tan, and beiges. However, a lot of home office workers will also opt for a darker tan or brown for a more comfortable den-style feel while they’re working.

Common netural home office paint colors

Statement White

Polar Bear

Country Tweed

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Dark grey

Dark grey is a sophisticated look when done well, especially in a home office.This style opens you up to a lot of interesting accessory options and cool, rustic furniture choices as well.

Common dark grey home office paint colors

Shark Fin


Carbon Copy

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Vibrant colors

Your office is your space, so you should make it as vibrant and exciting as you want. Some people feel rejuvenated and energized by a brightly colored room. Some popular colors are blue, green, yellow or shades of pink.


Pale Moss

Pink Shadow

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Should a home office have an accent wall?

Accent walls are great options for home office paint ideas. A single colored wall can serve as a great background for video calls.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is a wall that is typically colored differently than the rest of the room’s walls. This color is typically a strong contrast to the other walls, so vibrant or dark colors work well for this.

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