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Red flags to look out for when hiring a painting company

Dec 29, 2022

Unfortunately, not all painting companies are truthful in their promises. Luckily, it can be relatively easy to spot the bad actors in the painting industry if you know what to look for. Keep an eye out for these red flags when looking for an Orlando painting company.

Red flag #1


Companies that aren’t from the your community aren’t typically the best companies to work with. They normally don’t have a good reputation or need to maintain a reputation at all in your area. Plus, we love supporting local businesses, so we can help our community grow and prosper.

Red flag #2

No online presence

Does the painting company have a non-functioning or hastily made website? Be careful working with an unprofessional company as this can be a sign of a scam. Most reputable companies understand the importance of an online presence these days and spend the money to ensure that they appear professional online.

Red flag #3

Lacking online reviews

If the painting company in Orlando, FL that you’re considering is lacking online reviews, this can be a bad sign. Either they are just getting started or they are intentionally hiding reviews to avoid the bad reputation. Seeing how they worked with previous clients and customers really helps you understand how trustworthy a painting contactor is.

Red flag #4

Not licensed or insured

It is highly recommended to never work with an unlicensed or uninsured painting company. This may leave you high and dry if there is an issue or injury on the worksite. Trusted Orlando painting companies have fully insured and licensed painting teams available for their jobs.

Red flag #5

They ask for money right away

Many Orlando painters ask for payment at different points in the process, but they should never make you feel worried or uncomfortable about paying. If something feels off about the way they’re asking for money or how soon they’re doing so, see how you can vet them further before moving forward.

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Questions to ask before hiring a painting company in Orlando

Aside from looking out for the red flags listed above, you can also make sure that you ask the right questions to your Orlando painting company before hiring them.

How will you protect our furniture, floors, and landscaping?

Indoor residential painting services and exterior home painting can be a messy job, so make sure that your painting contractor has a plan in mind to reduce the messiness of the job. We do everything in our power to leave your home or business cleaner than we originally found it.

What warranties do you offer?

It’s a good idea to find out how you’re protected after the job is done. Does the painting company stick with the manufacturer warranty, do they have their own, or both? The earlier that you find this information out, the better.

Will you provide a walkthrough once the work is complete?

Ask how you’ll be able to approve the work once it’s done. You don’t want to be left high and dry with a poorly painted home and nowhere to turn.