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Most Popular & Trendy Neutral Home Paint Colors for 2023

Nov 28, 2022

Home interior styles are constantly changing through new trends and changes in taste. With interior home painting being such a big part of the look and feel of your home, what are the most popular styles right now? Learn about the most common and trendy interior home paint colors for 2023.

Inside of kitchen painted white

White Interior Paint

White is a classic paint color for just about every style of home. However, a lot of people get bored of white paint or feel like it can take away from the comforting feeling on the inside of their house.


Off-white colors are perfect for getting a clean, simplistic feel without being too bland and boring. White paints with hints of blue, gray, or tan are very common replacements for stark white paints.

An off-white paint can also hide some of the common wear-and-tear and blemishes of a wall after years of use. A small scuff on the wall will be much more visible on a pure white paint rather than an off-white paint color.

Tips for using white paint in your home

White paint may be common, but there are some important aspects to keep in mind to really maximize the aesthetic of the interior or your home.

  • Use white paint to enhance the flooring of your home – White paint is the perfect option for homes with nice, natural wood floors or colorful tile flooring. Let your walls be the background and give your floors the spotlight.
  • Can showcase your art and decorations more – If you love wall decorations, white paint is the perfect option for you. A white or off-white wall won’t take away from or distract from any style of art piece that you hang up. This goes for anything from a shelf to a framed family photo.
  • Provides an opportunity for nice accents and splashes of color – With the influence of minimalism, more and more homeowners are adopting the idea of less is more. White paint allows you to add splashes of color through art or decor where you want them.

Common white paint colors for home interiors

Statement White

Polar Bear

Winter White

Living room painted beige

Beige Interior Paint

Beige is a very warm and comforting color when used in the inside of homes. A lot of people that like the simplicity of white paint, but want to add a bit more style and warmth lean towards beige. It gives you more options when it comes to tying the room together entirely.

Gray beige and shades of green

Beige is a versatile color and comes in many different shades that incorporate other colors such as gray, green, and more. If you know what color you want to focus your room around, adding a wall paint that has a light shade of that color can really help your theme pop.

Tips for using beige paint in your home

Beige may seem like a simple, easy-to-use interior home paint, but it has a lot of aspects that allow you to take full advantage of your home’s style.

  • Use brown accents for a warm, homey feel – Leaning into your beige and going for a more tan shade can create a very cozy place to relax in. The walls won’t reflect as much light as white walls do, so you can set the lighting to whatever you prefer to relax.
  • Use beige to accent light wood – If you have light-colored wood in your home, a gray-toned beige can accent it in a way that makes it seem more sophisticated and modern. This will create a unique and stylish look in your home.

Common beige paint colors for home interiors

French Beige

Ashen Tan

Loft Light

Inside of office with dark grey accent wall

Gray Interior Home Paint

Gray is a very versatile color to use in your home, but it also encompasses a lot of different options for colors. Before moving forward with your home painting company, determine if you would like to use a light gray or a dark gray for your home.

Light gray

Light gray provides a soft, cool feeling to a room. Just like beige, gray paint allows you to express your creativity and style in the accessories and decor that you choose to put in your room. Art will pop more, and it can go together with just about any color scheme.

Dark gray

Dark gray, used correctly, can be a very nice, sophisticated paint color. It can create an amazing accent wall, a unique door, or a modern home office look. However, dark gray can take over the look of a room quickly, so it is best to use it conservatively. Consider using it in conjunction with a light gray paint.

Tips for using gray paint in your home

Gray paint can create really striking looks in your home, but here are some concepts to keep in mind while planning out your style.

  • Gray hides common blemishes – Do you have a busy home with kids and pets running around all of the time? Gray paint can help hide those pesky scuffs on the wall that are inevitable with such a busy house. Avoid stark white colors and use a light gray instead.
  • Perfect for the bathroom – Gray paint is great for the bathroom as it has a simple, clean look, but it’s also a very calming and cool color. Use greenery in the bathroom to add a splash of color and wow your guests.

Common gray paint colors for home interiors

Shark Fin


Carbon Copy

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